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The music fee has 3 purposes:  

➢    Encourage parents to play.  Experience has shown that without the fee, very few would play.

➢    Is used to pay for students/skaters to play during times there is no one (if there is a shift that cannot be filled.)

➢    Used to subsidize increasing ice costs.


If the fees were paid with a separate cheque for music, the music cheque will not be cashed if music was played on a regular basis during a skating season. If the music fee was included in the total paid at registration, then a refund cheque will be issued, again, if music was played on a regular basis.  Anyone who is expecting a refund, and doesn't get it, should contact the club directly at



The registration fee for skating covers ice time and Skate Canada registration and insurance.    Private lessons depend on what level your child is.  In Junior's there is regular group time instruction included in the registration fee. With Private lessons, the child gets one on one attention, is normally ready to test faster, and can start working on a solo for competitive purposes if desired.In Intermediates and Seniors, your registration does not cover "lessons". Stroking is the only group time covered.   This is 15minutes a couple of times a week.   If we were to offer group time in the intermediate and senior levels as we do in the junior time, the base registration cost would increase by $500 and $800 respectfully.   With group time, solos would not be possible.   You need one on one time to have programs developed.   It would take much longer for most kids to be ready to tests, dances and skills.   There are so many different levels in Intermediates and Seniors that group time would never be feasible or condusive to progress for any skater.



The competition fees you remit with your application for the most part goes to the club hosting the competition.    They use this to pay for ice and other related costs.   The judges, accountants, and all people you see running the competition  are volunteers, however the club hosting the competition pays for the hotel, meals and mileage for these volunteers.    Coaches are not volunteers.   Coaches are self employed individuals, who are contracted by the club to do specific group time for a specific fee during the season.   The club does not pay a coach for his/her time at a competition. Most people expect to be paid for work they are performing, whether it is during their normal work hours (club hours) or overtime (competitions).   You would also expect to be reimbursed for any expenses you incur while performing work for your boss or company.   As such, when a coach goes to a competition, she/he is working, plus can incur extra expenses as well for this overtime.   Every professional coach in Canada (and probably the world) charges for this.   If the competition is away or requires an overnight stay, then these fees can increase as well.



No judges, Coaches, Parents or Skaters are to be talked about in a negative fashion, inside or outside the arena/club.If you have an issue or concern with your skater's participation, please come to a member of the Club Executive or their coach to discuss your situation.  Miscommunication otherwise can ensue which does not and will not benefit your skater or the club itself. 




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